AS355 Twin Squirrel

The AS355 Twin Squirrel

The AS355 Twin Squirrel is a 6 seat twin turbine engine helicopter that is an ideal helicopter fro VIP passenger transport, aerial filming work, and other utility applications such as aerial surveillance. The BEA AS355 has a VIP leather interior configuration which can be set up either with 5 passenger seats, or 4 larger passenger seats with comfortable armrests.

AS355 Twin Squirrel Specifications & Performance

  • 6 seats
  • Large luggage compartment
  • 125kts cruise speed
  • Effiecient twin engine fuel consumption
  • Low twin engine operating costs
  • Versatile performance
  • Smooth flight experience
  • Three rotor blade system
  • Instrument Flight Certified

AS355 Operating Details

With very low operating costs for a twin engine and excellent ride quality, the AS355 is an excellent VIP and multi engine helicopter combination. The AS355 combines a high cruise speed of 125 kts with a good fuel consumption, and high quality interior meaning extra lower training costs a comfortable experience.

AS355 Twin Squirrel Performance Details

  • 2 Turbine Engines
  • ALLISON 250-C20F Engines
  • Engines 420 shp each
  • 2400kg MAUW
  • 125 kts cruise speed
  • 380 NM Range
  • Length: 12.94m

AS355 Twin Squirrel Pricing & Delivery Information

Buying a used AS355 Twin Squirrel is made easy with Heli Air. Call our helicopter sales team today for further details about how to buy an AS355, or for any friendly, professional advice about which helicopter may suit you best. Due to no longer being in production, only used AS355 F1 helicopters are available.

Please contact Brian Kane for more details on +44 (0) 7831 762 500 or If you are interested in used or pre-owned Robinson R44 helicopter sales, please click here or call the number above.