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BEA Pilot Club Membership Benefits

BEA Pilot Club Membership Benefits

The BEA Pilot Club offers its members access to exclusive member benefits and facilities across both its aeroplane and helicopter businesses, making the club unique in the UK. These benefits include:

  • Access to a huge fleet of both Helicopters and Aeroplanes
  • Invites and access to club flyouts and events
  • Invites to club social events in London
  • Landing Fee Discounts at London Wycombe Air Park
  • Discounted Proficiency Checks (helicopters and aeroplanes)
  • Discounted access to Aero Expo and Elite shows
  • Airfield Café member discount
  • BEA Pilot Shop Discount
  • Excess protection scheme

  • All available for a fixed monthly rate.

    Contact the BEA Pilot Club to find out more and to sign up.

    Flying Club Membership Details and Information for Aeroplanes and Helicopters
    BEA Pilot Club Locations

    British European Aviation - A Club for Every Pilot

    The BEA Pilot Club was created to benefit all pilots, from students to experienced professionals, flying helicopters or aeroplanes. Our membership package was designed to include attractive benefits for each type of club member, including:

  • Student Pilots
  • Aircraft Owners
  • Qualified Pilots
  • Professional Pilots

  • Click on the links to discover the range of benefits, discounts and services available as a member of the BEA Pilot Club, or contact us to sign up your membership today.

    British European Aviation Pilot ClubBritish European Aviation Pilot Club

    London Wycombe Air Park BEA Pilot Club
    BEA Pilot Club Locations

    BEA Pilot Club Locations

    The BEA pilot club has bases around the UK, and is headquartered at BEA’s very own airfield, London Wycombe Air Park. At London Wycombe Air Park, the BEA Pilot Club uniquely offers access to both helicopters and aeroplanes across a wide variety of exclusive activities. Our London based airfield also offers our members access to:

    London Wycombe Air Park

    At London Wycombe Air Park, the BEA Pilot Club uniquely offers access to both helicopters and aeroplanes across a wide variety of exclusive activities, as well as special benefits for:

  • Aircraft Hangarage
  • The Approach Plate Café
  • The BEA Club Pilot Shop
  • Club Lounge Facilities for Flight Planning and Relaxation

  • UK Wide Helicopter Access

    The BEA Pilot Club provides helicopter access to members across its UK wide helicopter bases in addition to London Wycombe Air Park. Whether you are renting a helicopter, or plan to visit the airfield in a helicopter or aeroplane and would like a place to stop, plan and have a cup of tea, our exclusive base locations are available for you to visit at:

  • London Wycombe Air Park
  • Cumbernauld Airport, Scotland
  • Gloucester Airport
  • Thruxton Airport, Wiltshire
  • Wellesbourne Airfield, Warwickshire

  • Contact us today to discuss your club membership options.

    BEA Pilot Club Aircraft Fleet

    BEA Pilot Club Aircraft Fleet

    The BEA group of companies are the UK dealers for Piper Aircraft and Robinson Helicopters. Our BEA flying club members have access to the UK’s largest fleet of light helicopters and aeroplanes for hire, lessons, or getting involved in club flyouts and events. Our aircraft fleet currently includes:


  • Cessna 152
  • Piper Archer
  • Piper Warrior
  • Piper Arrow
  • Piper Seneca
  • Diamond DA42

  • Helicopters

  • Robinson R22
  • Robinson R44
  • Robinson R66
  • Bell 47
  • Bell 206 Jetranger
  • AS355 Twin Squirrel

  • Click on a link for more information or get in touch to discover more about the BEA Pilot Club.

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