Bell 47

The Bell 47 Helicopter

The Bell 47 is a 3 seat piston engine helicopter with a long and famous history in both civilian and aviation. Whilst the Bell 47 has been in use since 1946, there are precious few still flying in the UK. The BEA pilot club is unique in being able to exclusively offer training and lessons on the B47 with experienced Bell 47 instructors. You could learn to fly from scratch on the Bell 47, or have a few lessons or experiences in it to experience this helicopter and its unique performance, sound, and view from the ‘bubble’ cockpit.

Bell 47 Aircraft Details

The Bell 47 has a piston engine, and has 3 front row seats (including pilot) all offering an amazing view through the large panoramic bubble canopy. The helicopter has been used in many different countries, in many roles including intensive crop spraying operations, load lifting, medical evacuations (with an exterior stretcher on the side) and pilot training for both civilian and military students.

Bell 47 Operating Performance

The engine installed on our Bell 47 is LYCOMING VO-435-A1F , typically able to give up to 240 HP. The B47 can normally (depending on calibration) achieve a cruise of 73kts, with a range of up to 214NM. The fact that this helicopter has been in use for over 60 years is a testament to the original design and build quality, as well as its performance characteristics across such a variety of applications.

Bell 47 Pricing & Delivery Information

Buying a used B47 is a rare opportunity due to so few of them being in operation nowadays. If you do manage to find one and are considering a purchase, Heli Air and its experienced team can help you with that process. Our engineers could help with any survey work required prior to purchase, and our trained instructors could help you learn to fly it once purchased. Call our helicopter sales team today for further details about how we can help, or for any friendly, professional advice about which helicopter may suit you best. Due to the B47 helicopter no longer being in production, only used B47 helicopters are available.

Please contact Brian Kane for more details on +44 (0) 7831 762 500 or if you are interested in used or pre-owned Robinson R44 helicopter sales, please click here or call the number above.